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Courthouse getting squeezed for storage
Clerk and Master Myra Mara, on ladder, and Circuit Court Clerk Bernie Morris are running out of storage space at the courthouse.

Storage issues persist at Warren County Courthouse.
Commissioner Carolyn Miller says she received a call from Clerk and Master Myra Mara asking her assistance in fixing an issue, that being a lack of available space. 
“I got a call from the clerk and master asking me to bring awareness to the Building and Grounds Committee that her office and the Circuit Court Clerk’s office in the courthouse are running out of storage space,” said Miller.
The committee is well aware both the courthouse and the Warren County Administrative Building are short on storage as discussions about the situation have been made for years.
“They aren’t the only ones,” said Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin. “All of them up there are. I’ve known it for a long time. This county is out of storage completely. That’s the reason we had to move the nursery out of here. We're taking those offices for storage.”
In January, the county decided not to renew its lease agreement with Middle Tennessee Nursery Association. That area is needed by the Finance Department to keep records. MTNA’s lease ends June 30.
“There is nothing we can do right now, unless we rent some building space or building something,” said Bouldin. “So much of that paper there and so much of the paper here has to be kept under lock and key, as well as in a temperature-controlled room.”
The courthouse basement is available. However, it is not suitable for storing paperwork.
“We had to clean all that out,” said Bouldin. “Everything was in bad shape. Everything had been there for so long and there were leaks. The records are in the archives being cleaned. We sent some of the books to Nashville to have them cleaned. All that has been cleaned out. The basement is too damp. You can’t put anything down there for storage.”
Having the courthouse basement sealed was discussed, as well as the possibility of adding onto the side of the administrative building where a small parking lot is currently located.
The meeting was discussion only.