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Couple passing through nabbed for identity theft
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A couple faces trafficking charges after they were nabbed smuggling counterfeit credit cards bound for Murfreesboro.
The suspects, Marques Jones of Georgia and Jaleen Herera of New Jersey, are both charged with identity theft, identity theft trafficking, and criminal simulation.
Their charges come after Jones was stopped for speeding by Highway Patrolman Joseph VanBommel on Highway 8.
“They were in a rental car from Florida and said they were traveling from Atlanta to Murfreesboro,” the trooper reported, noting he became suspicious and was granted permission to search the vehicle.
The officer said he discovered an envelope full of credit cards on top of the spare tire.
“There was a bulk of credit cards,” VanBommel said, noting investigators from the Highway Patrol was called in to track the cards. “It was discovered they were counterfeit and each contained someone else’s account.”
The trooper explained that actual accounts from unsuspecting victims had been encoded to the cards, meaning they had stolen the identities of the people on the cards.