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Couple arrested for dealing meth
Joel Stacy Guel.jpg
Joel Stacy Guel
Consuelo Rolon.jpg
Consuelo Rolon

A couple originally from Texas and now living in Warren County has been arrested on suspicion of dealing multiple ounces of meth in McMinnville, detectives say.

Arrested were Joel Stacy Guel, 34, and Consuelo Rolon, 19. According to McMinnville Police Department detective Eddie Colwell, both have been charged with delivering approximately four ounces of meth to a drug buy at an apartment complex in McMinnville. 

“For about a week, we were working on information regarding meth dealing,” said Colwell of the joint investigation with Warren County Sheriff’s Department. “Mr. Guel was identified as a supplier for Warren County. The information that we received was that he was traveling to Nashville and picking up multiple ounces multiple times a week and distributing it here.”

A drug buy was arranged. 

“On July 18, we were able to purchase four ounces of meth from Mr. Guel and Miss Rolon at an apartment complex,” said Colwell. “Four ounces of meth has a street value of $1,500. It used to be worth double that. There is just so much in Warren County that the price has bottomed out.”

During a search of Guel’s person, located and seized was another bag containing a crystal substance.

“We interviewed both parties,” said Colwell. “Both admitted to traveling together to Nashville for approximately the last nine months and bringing back four to six ounces of meth each trip. They admitted to going a couple times a week. They actually revealed they located their drug dealer on the internet.”

Guel and Rolon both provided Harrison Ferry Road addresses when booked at Warren County Jail. However, they are originally from Texas and relocated to Warren County about one year ago. 

“Mr. Guel has a very violent criminal history from Texas,” said Colwell. “He was paroled in Texas and allowed to transfer his probation to Warren County.” 

Guel’s bond was set at $25,000 and posted on July 25. Rolon’s bond was set at $5,000 and posted on July 22.