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County official running for Senate
Wilcher to challenge Janice Bowling
Michael Shane Wilcher, the often outspoken and sometimes controversial freshman commissioner from the 3rd District, has set his sights on the bigger picture.

Michael Shane Wilcher, the often outspoken and sometimes controversial freshman commissioner from the 3rd District, has set his sights on the bigger picture as he has officially qualified to challenge Janice Bowling for Tennessee Senate.
Wilcher will be the lone candidate who will face Bowling for the Republican nomination. The 16th Senatorial District includes seven counties: Warren, Van Buren, Marion, Grundy, Sequatchie, Franklin and Coffee.
“I’m running for a few reasons,” said Wilcher. “I would serve the people across the seven-county district with the same attention and fight I have Warren County citizens and I would do an excellent job of it. I’m giving the people another choice, flawed and imperfect as anyone else but still able and willing to fight as if my future depended on it because it does. I’m not wealthy. I’m not bankrolled by anyone. I’m in no way connected politically, socially, or financially. I doubt my own party will back me. I hope to start a conversation about who runs our country. I don't have to wonder or try to recall what it’s like to live on a 40-hour a week or even a 56-hour a week paycheck. I do it now and have all my life. I also know what it’s like to be unheard by elected officials though speaking out at the top of my lungs.”
The winner of the primary this summer will likely face either Alice Demethreon of Whitwell or Mike Winton of Tullahoma. Both have announced plans to run as Democrats.
While Wilcher has qualified as a Republican for state Senate, fellow Warren countain and incumbent state Rep. Kevin Dunlap has qualified to seek reelection to his 43rd District post. At present, he will face no opposition during the summer as he is the lone Democrat on the ballot.
However, there are a trio of White County candidates waiting in the wings, each hoping to be his challenger in the fall. The White County contingent of candidates include Samuel Elder, Paul Sherrell and Robert “Bob” Robinson. They will face off during the Republican primary this summer to decide who will represent the GOP against Dunlap.
In the 43rd District, the race will be over during summer if nothing changes as there are no Democratic candidates for the post, long held by Judd Matheny. However, there are two Republican contenders who hail from Coffee County. They are Steve R. Lynn and William Lockhart.
In other qualifying news from the Warren County Election Commission, there will be an uncontested election for two of three School Board offices up for grabs this year.
Bill Zechman of the 2nd District will face no opposition on Aug. 4 during the general election. Meanwhile, in the 6th District, Teddy B. Jones will be elected without opposition to a first term. School Board chairman Scott Holmes did not pick up papers for reelection in the 6th District. Tanya Bess will face opposition for a second term of office from James Thomas Jacobs in the 4th District.