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County may change spending limit policy
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Warren County government is considering a policy change that will increase how much money a department can spend without filing a purchase order.
The limit is currently $100.
When items are needed, the department head or designated employee must obtain quotes. If the amount is over $100, they must contact the county Finance Department prior to making purchase and a purchase order is issued. Once the purchase is made, the department head must sign the receipt as authorization and send it back to the Finance Department for payment. Once the receipt is received with the proper authorization, the Finance Department matches the receipt to the purchase order and payment is prepared.
Director of Schools Bobby Cox, who recommended an increase to county Financial Management Committee members, says the change would ease the burden on the Finance Department by lessening how many purchases it has to oversee.
“The way it reads now, anything that’s over $100 we have to get quotes and things of that type,” said Cox. “We asked Linda if it would expedite things on her end if we upped that limit, if the committee is interested in doing that. Anything we purchase is over $100. A bulb for a projector is over $100.”
On the committee with Cox are County Executive Herschel Wells, chair, Commissioners Terry Bell, Gary Martin, David Rhea and Tommy Savage, and Road Superintendent Levie Glenn.
“How about we go to $250,” said Wells.
Cox stated, “That’s fine. It’s up to the committee. We thought, since we upped the bid limit from $5,000 to $10,000. It’s kind of the same way with this. If we went to $250, I think that would be good starting point.”
While the request was made specifically for Warren County Schools, the policy covers all county departments. The change in amount would affect all departments unless a distinction is made within the policy that the increase is solely for Warren County Schools.
Committee members unanimously approved a motion to increase the purchase order limit from $100 to $250. No mention of exclusivity was made. The measure will be sent to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration.