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County may buy cellphones
Williams, David.jpg

All seven Warren County Judicial Commissions may be getting new county-issued cellphones. 

Judicial commissioner David Williams met with the county’s Budget and Finance Committee to request cellphone reimbursement.

“At this time, I proposed we could do a $30-a-month compensation for the commissioners for their personal cellphones,” said Williams.

“What is the standard rate for a cellphone reimbursement?” asked Commissioner Carlene Brown.

Answered Finance Department director Justin Cotten, “We don’t do that standardized reimbursement, but if they are willing to take flip phones we can get free ones through the county’s deal with Verizon and the bills would be probably less than $30 a month anyway.”

Williams explained that a flip phone wouldn’t be adequate as judicial commissioners need internet access to pull TCA codes and look up law-related questions.

Brown agreed adding, “I think it is a good idea. Judicial commissioners are different than all other offices and a lot of employees in the county have offices and telephones on their desks.”

According to Cotten, the committee can provide smartphones as well. 

“You pay for the service and I’d have to get a quote for the base line of smartphones and bring that back,” explained Cotten. “As far as county audit goes, we’d be better off issuing a county phone even if it does cost us a little more money.”

Asked Tommy Savage, “What kind of limits would that phone have on it?” 

“It would be a regular phone, but it depends on which data plan we go with,” answered Cotten. “For what they are doing, it would be fairly low data usage, one or two gigs a month.”

This topic will be readdressed at the next committee meeting.