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County looks to help UCHRA find new place
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The local UCHRA office is located at Warren County Administrative Offices. County officials are eyeing that space as a possible spot for storage if UCHRA can find another location.

Warren County government is looking to solve its lack of storage at Warren County Administrative Offices by moving a tenant out of the building.

The county Building and Grounds Committee unanimously voted to “pursue discussions” with Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency on relocation when its lease expires in 2022. 

According to county records, UCHRA pays $22,734 in rent annually.

“There are locations for them to go that would offer good parking and good access,” said Commissioner Carlene Brown. “It would be advantageous for both of us. It’s to our advantage, financially, to use our existing building.”

Lack of storage has been a longstanding issue for the county. Under consideration has been off-site storage and construction of a building. Government records must be stored in a climate-controlled environment with a sprinkler system. 

Additionally, off-site storage might require hiring a person to oversee the storage area and monitor access of what could be sensitive government records. 

Due to the financial cost of off-site storage or construction, committee members in January added the possibility of having an office relocate out of the building. 

“They have a lease,” said County Executive Jimmy Haley. “It’s another year before that lease runs out. We’d have to have renovation of the space as well to accommodate storage.” 

Concerns were expressed about losing the agency’s presence in Warren County.

“This is one of the most valuable agencies we have in Warren County and we don’t want to lose them,” said Haley. 

Commissioner Tommy Savage said, “We’re not wanting to kick them out. Exploring the option and kicking them out are two different things.”

Added Brown, “We want to have a plan that works for both of us.” 

Commissioner Robert Hennessee stated, “I don’t think we’ll lose them.”

“I know UCHRA helps a lot of people and I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt them, but we’ve got to look out for the county too,” said Savage.

County Executive Jimmy Haley was asked to begin discussions with Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency on its possible relocation in 2022.