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County keeps donation amount steady
Wilcher, Blaine.jpg
Blaine Wilcher

It could be a lean financial year for the McMinnville-Warren County Chamber of Commerce if Thursday night’s meeting of the county Procedures and Rules Committee is any indication. 

Out of 24 allocation requests considered, the Chamber was the only one to have its request slashed.

The committee met to provide initial review of all donation requests from nonprofits, civic organizations, and others for the upcoming 2020-21 fiscal year.

“I would like to make a motion before we go through the list that we hold the total to exactly what we gave last year, which was $176,600,” said Commissioner Blaine Wilcher.

After receiving unanimous approval, Wilcher followed with a second motion to make three changes to last year’s donation list.

“I would like to reduce the Chamber from $25,000 to $10,000, which is still $7,000 more than what they had the year previous, and give Habitat for Humanity $10,000 and the Warren County Black History Museum $5,000. I would like to put that in the form of a motion. That comes out to $176,600. Everyone else gets the same as last year.”

That second motion passed 7-2. Commissioners Wilcher, Randy England, Scott Rubley, Gary Martin, Carl E. Bouldin, Gary Prater and Ron Lee voted in favor of slashing the Chamber and providing funds to Habitat and the newly established museum. Commissioners Steven Helton and Carlene Brown voted against it. 

This would be the first year for Habitat for Humanity and Warren County Black History Museum to receive donations from the county.

One issue was then brought to the committee’s attention: the Sister Cities Program received $5,000 for fiscal year 2019-20. No request was received for fiscal year 2020-21, making that donation invalid. 

That $5,000 was eventually divided and provided a $2,000 increase to the Governor’s Books from Birth program, a $2,000 increase to CHEER Mental Health, and a $1,000 increase to Families in Crisis. 

The following was approved: 

• Warren County Senior Center $26,000

• Pacesetters $2,000

• Meals on Wheels $10,000

• Chamber of Commerce $10,000

• Main Street McMinnville $2,000

• CHEER Mental Health $6,000

• Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) $1,100

• Books from Birth $4,500

• Heritage Alliance $2,000

• American Red Cross $6,000

• Emergency Food Bank $3,000

• Families in Crisis $6,000

• Warren County A&L Fair $10,000

• Young Men United $2,000

• Caring Hearts United $1,000

• Citizens for Progress $10,000

• Helping Hands Ministry $2,000

• Upper Cumberland Veterans Cemetery $2,000

• Volunteer fire departments $56,000 ($8,000 each)

• Warren County Habitat for Humanity $10,000

• Warren County Black History Museum $5,000

Also approved, but not included in the $176,600 total, were allocations to Magness Library and Warren County Rescue Squad. They were approved for $116,000 and $28,792, respectively.

This was Warren County government’s initial review for nonprofit, civic organization allocations for the upcoming fiscal year.