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County considers probationary period for employees to get raises
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Scott Rubley

County Commissioners have found a flaw in their recent employee raise decision and are considering a six-month probationary period.

At a previous Budget and Finance Committee meeting, commissioners decided on a $2,500 flat raise and a $200 minimum and $2,000 cap longevity bonus. Tuesday night, they realized there is not a specific probationary period included that would exclude brand new employees from the raise.

“There is no probationary period for this pay increase of $2,500. We didn’t state it so basically if you are an employee and you have been here for three days you get the $2,500,” said Commissioner Scott Rubley.

“You voted for a $2,500, across-the-board raise with a bonus as a separate piece so it would be up to management to turn in anyone who is in a weird spot,” said Finance Department director Justin Cotten. “Case in point, there have been several employees who have been hired like the airport director was hired in two months ago, almost 10 weeks at this point, and as it is he would just fall straight in.”

Rubley said he has been thinking about a six-month probationary period.

“Maybe we consider a six-month probationary period or a 12-month prior to receiving that because that would incentivize workers to stay here longer rather than here is $2,500 you have been here three weeks,” said Rubley.

Said Commissioner Cole Taylor, “I don’t think anyone ought to walk into a job and get a raise in a matter of 30 days, or two days, or six days. I think six months is fair.”

“Six months is fair and that way it is fair to the people who are working here and have been here a while,” agreed Commissioner Christy Ross, who put it in the form of a motion.

The committee unanimously voted on adding a six-month probationary period on the $2,500 flat raise and a $200 minimum and $2,000 cap longevity bonus.