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County considers helping handicapped with garbage
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Changes are being considered for Warren County’s convenience centers to make them more accessible.

Warren County safety coordinator David Britton and Sanitation Department director Steve Hillis are working on plans that will be presented to the Warren County Commission for consideration.

One area of concern is helping handicap people unload their trash and recycling material at convenience centers.

“We are trying to come up with a process that truly works and is fair to everybody,” said Britton. “As you know, the folks who truly need help won’t ask for it. So how do you help the ones who really need it and not put them in a compromised situation? That’s what we are trying to do. We think we have a decent proposal.”

While all the convenience centers are under consideration for changes to improve traffic flow, only the fairgrounds will include specific days and times when workers will be available to help people with disabilities.

“We are only looking at handicap accessibility at the fairgrounds location,” said Britton. “It’s just not feasible to look at it countywide. We are trying to figure out a way to help. In order to do that, it will come with set times and folks will have to understand that. All we are looking at is assisting with unloading. We are not going to look at making the convenience centers completely accessible for someone who is mobility challenged.”

Britton says the county is not required to make its convenience centers completely ADA compliant.

“We are not required to do that,” said Britton. “These are convenience centers. At least the county had the foresight of putting them out there for everybody to use to make it easier for folks, but manning them and unloading every car is not in the cards.”

The update was given during a county Health and Welfare Committee meeting. Plans should be ready for presentation in December.