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County Audit Committee sheds little light on audit findings
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Warren County government’s negative audit findings jumped the last hurdle Monday after being reviewed in committee.

The county Audit Committee met and had little to say about two findings by the state for fiscal year 2016-17. It cited two issues, both pertaining to Warren County Schools: 1) expenditures exceeded appropriations because they did not comply with the county’s internal auditing standards; 2) general ledger payroll liability accounts were not reconciled with subsidiary payroll records and payments each month in the General Purpose School, School Federal Projects, Central Cafeteria, and Schoolwide Consolidation funds.

“Did everyone get the audit report for this year,” said Wayne Cantrell, chair. “We’ll open it up to discussion regarding that. Are there any comments regarding that audit report?”

Members Danny Martin and Randy England remained silent. Emily Horton was absent.

“I would like to say that the two findings in the audit have been corrected,” said Finance Department director Linda Hillis.

The first finding was a procedure issue in that all budgetary transfers pertaining to salaries must go before the full Warren County Commission. Up until that finding, the county used committee approval only for those changes.

Committee members adjourned.