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County and judicial commissioners meet
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Warren County commissioners were introduced to the individuals who can use a mittimus to hold your gluteus maximus in jail.

Mittimus is the paperwork used by judicial commissioners that commits a person to jail with information about their charges, court date and amount of bail to post. Gluteus maximus is known as your rear end.

Judicial Commissioner supervisor David Williams gave an introduction before the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee.

That committee oversees the department and has four new members: Commissioners Steve Glenn, Steven Helton, Lori Judkins and Phillip Stout. Commissioner Tommy Savage returns as chair.

“If people on Policy and Personnel do not hear anything from us, it means no one is complaining on us yet,” said Williams. “We like it that way. Occasionally, we may upset somebody by not giving them a warrant or not giving them what they feel is personal attention. Within the powers of our duties, probable cause is the main thing that officers or the public has to be able to establish with us before we will write any kind of warrant or a criminal summons. If they want to, they can take it to the grand jury which meets at the beginning of the month.”

Judicial Commissioner Kevin Deason says a bright, yellow motorcycle helmet helped establish the probable cause which led to one of the biggest meth busts in Warren County history.

“What they found was 3.6 pounds of meth, two stolen handguns, marijuana, and $3,000 worth of cash,” said Deason. “Deputy Jacobs actually chased a suspect the previous Sunday. They were wearing a bright yellow helmet. By laying out the facts, they were able to build probable cause on why they went to that house.”

Williams added, “That’s the second highest methamphetamine bust in Warren County to date. This is meth that was manufactured in Mexico and brought up through the Mexican drug cartels.”

After probable cause was established and a search warrant issued, arrested were Dillon Alexander Meacham, 22, and Christina Faith Price, 18. Savage warned committee members against taking sides when they receive complaints.

 “You will hear complaints at some point,” said Savage. “It will happen. Please, don’t take sides with them or tell them you’ll take care of it. You’re only hearing one side of the story. Tell them you’ll check into it. Go find out the facts. Once you get the facts, you can explain it to them.”

Individuals who still feel they have been treated unfairly can file a complaint with the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct. Board members investigate complaints and make a determination.

The session was information only.