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County adds two Veterans Service officers
Terry Bell announce.jpg
Terry Bell

Warren County is hiring two Veterans Service officers to better serve the veterans.

Former VSO Daniel Schultheis resigned in December after first being hired approximately five months earlier. The county Policy and Personnel Committee began conducting interviews for the position earlier this month. Two candidates scored well and after consideration, County Executive Terry Bell decided to offer the position to them both. 

Jared Kennamer and Mark Lytle were announced as the new officers at the County Commission last Tuesday night.  

“Of those we interviewed for the Veteran’s Service Officer, they both scored very close and,  long story short, they are both good candidates and they are both going to be hired. This is a good thing for our veterans. Both will be working part-time and the office will be open four days a week instead of three,” said Commissioner Tommy Savage.

In a Policy and Personnel meeting this month, Bell said a lot of veterans have reached out wanting the county to extend the hours for the Veterans Service office. Both candidates liked the idea of two VSOs. They will each serve two days a week and the office will now be open four days instead of three.