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Cooper charged for threats of murder
Marty Joe Cooper Jr..jpg
Marty Joe Cooper Jr

A man who reportedly threatened to kill several people in mid-April, including children, had his case bound over to the grand jury on Tuesday.

Marty Joe Cooper Jr., 29, faces charges of assault with threat of bodily injury, harassment, stalking, theft, aggravated burglary, and possession of meth.

According to a warrant for his arrest, the first incident began April 10 when Cooper reportedly went looking for his girlfriend at a home on Duck Hawk Drive. The report claims Cooper “broke a window, beat her front door with a metal bar, and pushed his way to the threshold of her front door” while trying to reach his girlfriend.

When Cooper was told by the female homeowner his girlfriend would not leave with him, he reportedly swung the metal bar and damaged the wall next to the door. 

He allegedly left and came back later that night to tell the female homeowner he would “pop a cap in her.”

The next day, Cooper reportedly returned and was yelling and screaming he was going to kill everyone in the home. Cooper allegedly said he would kill the adults and “kids as well.”

Two days later, on April 13, Cooper is accused of parking across from the home and staying there all night.

A few days later, on April 18, Cooper reportedly returned and got in an argument with a female relative by the mailbox and he threatened to kill her. The next day, April 19, Cooper allegedly returned again and threatened to kill the woman and her kids.

Around this same time, on the dates of April 14-15, Cooper is charged with stealing a load of scrap metal from a barn off Sparta Street and trying to sell it at a local scrap yard. Cooper got into a confrontation with the property owner and said “he was going to kill him and his wife,” according to the arrest warrant.

Cooper’s case has been bound over to the grand jury to determine if there is enough probable cause to continue with criminal charges. He remains held at Warren County Jail. If the grand jury returns an indictment against Cooper, the case against him will proceed in court.