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Convenience Center name may change
The full Warren County Commission will be considering an official name change to encourage recycling for the convenience center at the fairgrounds.
A push to change the name of the fairgrounds’ Convenience Center with a greater focus on recycling is moving forward.The measure under consideration by the county Health and Welfare Committee to change the name of the facility to “Warren County Recycling and Convenience Center” has been approved and will be sent to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration. Diane Stanley, Mary Don Bixby and Pat Bigbee are the recycling enthusiasts who asked Sanitation Department director Steve Hillis to consider a name change in order to urge people to consider recycling. When Hillis presented the measure to committee last month, he was asked to have the individuals attend a meeting to discuss it.“Our goal is to get more people in Warren County to recycle,” said Stanley, who was in attendance with Bixby.