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Consideration given to closing section of Bridge Builders Road
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Bridge Builders Road has become a retreat for criminal activity – that’s one reason given for consideration of a partial street closure.

The city Streets and Sanitation Committee met to consider a request to close a section of Bridge Builders Road to thru traffic. Making that suggestion was resident Danny Gillette, who expressed safety concerns for loitering and possible illegal activity on the dead end street.  

“We’ve found tires thrown out,” said Gillette. “We’ve found drug paraphernalia down there. People have gotten so blunt that they’ll pull into your driveway, get out and do their business. Several times I’ve had to go out and confront people. They think my driveway is a county road. There are three mailboxes sitting right there.”

McMinnville Public Works Department director Frank Southard described the street, “It’s not really a two-lane road. If you meet somebody on it, one of you has to get into a ditch. It’s that narrow. There’s a bridge on it that is very narrow. There are no guardrails or anything on it. I think that is an unsafe spot.”

Southard voiced approval for closure.

“I think it would be good to close it. Where we’d close it at would not deadlock anybody from their land. Everybody should have access to their land. There are some houses coming in from 911. There’s a little road and I think there are three houses back in that area. On the other end, the state owns most of it. It backs up to the state highway.”

Alderman Sally Brock agreed with the description given, except as it pertains to a bridge.

“I don’t think it’s a bridge,” she said. “It’s more like a culvert, and it’s in very poor condition. It’s a horrible road. It’s very narrow all the way through actually.”

Gillette proposed the city close the street just past his driveway, which he says is the last residence on it.

Streets and Sanitation Committee members tabled the measure at the request of city attorney Tim Pirtle. He suggested notification be given to all landowners in the area before a decision is made.