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Completion date moved again
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McMinnville Civic Center

An actual completion date of the city’s Milner Recreation Center keeps edging further and further away. 

“They are still reviewing rain days and waiting on responses from the city on requested extra days,” said city administrator Nolan Ming to members of the city’s Ad Hoc Committee. “At this time, completion is the end of December. I’ll confirm that at our next meeting.”

Back in May, city officials approved a 21-day extension from Sain Construction that moved completion to Oct. 15. Due to rain and COVID-19 delays, HRF Design is considering additional days and could move the completion date into late December.

“By our contract right now, the date is Oct. 15,” said Sain Construction project manager Mike Brewer. “We’ve asked for days along the way and we’ve been turned down, basically, for every other day that we’ve asked for.”

City officials have tabled several requests by Sain Construction for extra days to be tacked onto the contract. Those have been attached to change order requests approved by the city which will require additional work. 

Three of those requests were made by Sain Construction this week. Tabled by the city’s Ad Hoc Committee was a total of 32 days:

Twenty-one additional days to move a beam. Per HFR Design’s architectural drawings, it was placed two inches lower than building code requirement of seven feet. Cost will be $11,218. 

Seven additional days to construct a header in a window pocket. One was not included by HFR. Cost will be $3,076. 

Four days to correct a security issue with a door because “the panic bar was going in and not out,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. Cost will be $1,129. 

While committee members held off on adding additional days to the contract, they did approve the work and payment of the $15,423 out of contingency money. The city will negotiate repayment from HFR Design after the project is complete. 

“We’ve used, basically, $150,000 worth of contingency money right now,” said Brewer. “At some point and time you’ve got to understand that $150,000 worth of work takes extra days. With these change orders, we are over $150,000 now. We’ve asked for the days because we need the days to complete the work.”

No date was set for the city to consider extending the contract.