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Community Development relocating to Belmont Drive
community development moving1.jpg
The city’s Community Development Department is relocating to Belmont Drive in the same building as McMinnville’s Public Works Department. The move was prompted due to the elevator at City Hall being down. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

McMinnville Com-munity Development is relocating from City Hall on Main Street to 1266 Belmont Drive.

“Until the elevator is fixed at City Hall, Community Development is moving to Belmont Drive,” said Nolan Ming, who is currently city administrator and director of Community Develop-ment. “It was before my time with the city, but the department used to be located there. We’re moving back.”

The department, which used to be called Planning and Zoning, shared a building with McMinnville’s Public Works Department. 

The announcement was made during a McMinnville Historic Zoning Commission meeting due to those meetings also being relocated to Belmont Drive.

“We felt like since they have a large room there, we could use that for meetings,” said Ming. “We’ll still be at the Chamber for the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings and committee meetings but the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Historic Zoning will be at Belmont.”

Historic Zoning Commission member Rachel Killebrew said she heard the elevator shaft was not constructed properly, the elevator cabin cannot move freely and that friction is causing undue stress on the elevator’s motor. 

“When we were putting in our elevator at the library, the inspector came,” Killebrew said. “He said when he leaves he has to go back to the Regions building. I asked the story with the city’s elevator. He said it will never work. What happened was, when they built the building, they didn’t have an elevator and they added it later. The shaft is not straight. It rubs against the wall in two or three places and that wears out all of the mechanisms. He said it couldn’t be fixed. I asked if they could get a smaller elevator and he laughed. I’m guessing that means no.” 

The move will be made in the next week or so.