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Committee assignments made
Terry Bell announce.jpg
Terry Bell

New committee assignments were approved during Thursday night’s special called County Commission meeting. Changes were made across the board and a motion was made for the chairman’s committee chairman recommendations to be approved. 

County Executive Terry Bell was elected chairman Thursday night, and in that role he proposed committee assignments. 

“I want to thank y’all for electing me chairman. As chairman I’m supposed to present a list of the committees that I propose,” said Bell. “When I went to training down in CoolSprings they recommended that we don’t put commissioners from the same district on the same committee. It really is a job to try to do that and utilize everyone’s talents. If you didn’t end up on a committee you wanted that could be why.”

On Bell’s recommendation list, he included his recommendation for chairman of each committee. Commissioner Carlene Brown made a motion to accept his recommendations for committee chairmen instead of voting in committee.

“As several of you know it is in the rules regulating the procedures of Warren County legislative body that each committee would elect their own chairman,” said Brown. “However, Executive Terry Bell has made a recommendation on who he would like to see as chairman for each committee. We can entertain a motion and accept his recommended chairman which is the first name on each committee or we can go back and do this by each committee where only the members of the committee vote.”

The commission unanimously voted to approve Bell’s recommendations for committee chairmen. 

Budget and Finance Committee will have Scott Rubley as chairman, Carl D. Bouldin, Christy Ross, Tommy Savage, and Cole Taylor. Building and Grounds Committee will have Michael Bell as chairman, Scott Kelly, Cam Montgomery, Chris Rippy, and Tommy Savage. 

County Corrections Partnership Committee will have Steven Helton as chairman, Carl D. Bouldin, Randy England, James Hines, and Kasey Owens. Economic and Agricultural Development Committee will have Carl D. Bouldin as chairman, Brad Hillis, Ron Lee, Gary Martin, and the District 2 vacancy. 

Education Committee will have Carlene Brown as chairman, James Hines, Cam Montgomery, Phillip Stout, and Cole Taylor. Health and Welfare Committee will have Blaine Wilcher as chairman, Steve Glenn, Scott Kelly, Kasey Owens, and Phillip Stout. 

Highway and Bridge Committee will have Gary Prater as chairman, Randy England, Brad Hillis, Kenny Moffitt, and Donna Smith. Legislative Committee will have Christy Ross as chairman, Carlene Brown. Gary Martin, Scott Rubley, and Blaine Wilcher. 

Policy and Personnel Committee will have Tommy Savage as chairman, Steve Glenn, Kenny Moffitt, Chris Rippy, and Donna Smith. Safety and Beer will have Ron Lee as chairman, Michael Bell, Randy England, Steven Helton, and Gary Prater.