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Commissioners off to jail
jail overcrowding2.jpg
Four Warren County commissioners will be spending a night in jail this Friday.

Some Warren County Commissioners are giving up their freedom for a night behind bars. 

Commissioners Blaine Wilcher, Steven Helton, Scott Rubley, and Randy England have agreed to be locked away this Friday, July 12. 

“Those of us who haven’t spent a night in the jail feel it would help us to truly see what the environment is like,” said Wilcher. “We could better understand what our tax dollars are doing and what necessary improvements could be made.”

The group will be spending the night.

“I want to see how the jail is run during shift change to make sure we have a good understanding of how the jail works,” said Helton.  

Rubley jokingly stated his wife talked him into participating because she doesn’t like him.  

England initially voiced hesitancy about his participation, but he’s going. 

“I want to see the process of booking people and see how the jail is run,” said England. “I hear how bad it is, but I want to see how bad it is. I hope to leave with a better understanding of how the jail operates.”

The commissioners are scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. for their behind bars experience.