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Commissioners get committee assignments

Warren County commissioners have received their committee assignments for the upcoming fiscal year, minus one chairperson appointment that is yet to be determined.
Approved Monday night during the full Warren County Commission meeting was a list of committee assignments proposed by chairman Commissioner Blaine Wilcher. Immediately following, the chairman of each five-member committee was nominated and approved by those members, except that of the county’s Procedures and Rules Committee.
The most influential committee, Budget and Finance, will remain under the leadership of Commissioner Scott Rubley.
Committee responsibilities will be shared with Randy England, Cole Taylor, Christy Ross and Tommy Savage.
Other committees:
Highway and Bridge – Gary Prater, chair, Michael Bell, Cole Taylor, Randy England and Wilcher (until the new 5th District commissioner is elected in November).
County Corrections Partnership – Joseph Stotts, chair, Steven Helton, Carl D. Bouldin, Steve Glenn, Carl E. Bouldin.
Policy and Personnel – Tommy Savage, chair, Glenn, Helton, Ron Lee, Tyrone Sparkman.
Health and Welfare – Wilcher, chair, David Dunlap, Deborah Evans, Stotts, Kasey Owens.
Education Committee – Carlene Brown, chair, Dunlap, Evans, Robert Hennessee, Phillip Stout.
Economic and Agriculture Develop-ment – Carl D. Bouldin, chair, Gary Martin, Bell, Savage (to be replaced by the new 5th District commissioner), Lee.
Building and Grounds – Carl E. Bouldin, chair, Hennessee, Savage, Stout, Brown.
Safety and Beer Board – Lee, chair, Kasey Owens, Prater, Ross, England.
Legislative – Brown, chair, Carl D. Bouldin, Hennessee, Daniel Owens, Stotts.
Redistricting – England, chair, Sparkman, Stout, Daniel Owens.
The county Financial Management Committee was set during the commission’s September meeting. It will contain Martin, Rubley, Daniel Owens and Wilcher and per state statute, the county executive, Warren County Highway Department director and the director of Warren County Schools.
Yet to be determined is the chair of Procedures and Rules Committee. It is comprised of the chairpersons of all standing committees. Haley was nominated to chair that committee, but that suggestion was questioned.
“I don’t think Executive Haley can be chairman of that committee,” said Prater. “He’s an elected official but he’s not a part of this legislative body.”
That decision was tabled for a legal determination.
Committee assignment list did not pass unanimously. Daniel Owens and Lee voted against them, making the vote 21-2.
“I can’t vote on this, unless the County Correction’s Partnership Committee is removed from this list,” said Lee. “It is not a standing committee. It is a temporary committee. If you want to make a sub list of temporary committees, I can see that and it could go. I can’t vote on this unless it is removed.”
County attorney Robert Bratcher stated, “It’s correct that it’s not a standing committee, but you can assign membership to a temporary committee. Voting on the membership will not de facto make it a standing committee.”
Owens gave no indication as to why he voted against the committee recommendations.
When the Warren County Commission meets in November, the final chair selection will be made and the list of committee assignments and their chairpersons is set until September 2021.