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Collins charged with holding girlfriend captive
A man has been bound to the grand jury on charges he held his girlfriend captive for nearly two weeks, not allowing her out of his sight.The suspect, Russell Ashland Collins, 43, is charged with felony domestic assault and misdemeanor false imprisonment and could face up to six years in prison if convicted.Collins’ girlfriend told officers he held her captive inside his mother’s home on Gunter Road for two weeks, ranging from May 29 through June 12. During that time, the woman said Collins hit her in the face and mouth with his fists and choked her. She also said he pulled a large knife and threatened to kill her, saying “she knew what was coming to her.”“He would not allow her to leave the home, nor out of his sight, even to go to the restroom,” the warrant states, adding he allegedly took her cellphone and would not allow her to call 911.Officers noted several injuries that tended to support the victim’s version of events.