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Civic Center completion date reset to Oct. 15
Newman, Ben 2016CMYK.jpg
Ben Newman

The completion date for McMinnville Civic Center has been pushed into October.

Members of the city’s Civic Center Ad Hoc Committee met Friday and hashed out a calculation issue with the contract’s completion date. Members agreed with Sain Construction Company project manager Mike Brewer the completion date should have been Oct. 15 -- not Sept. 29. 

In May, Brewer requested an additional 21-day extension to the contract. Ad Hoc Committee members hesitated to provide the full request. Instead, they agreed to 10 days.

“I’ve asked for working days (Monday thru Friday), but I was given calendar days,” said Brewer. “I’m trying to do everything that I can for the city to produce a building that in 20 years I can come back and say ‘I did that.’”

A 10-day extension, by calendar, only provides eight working weekdays for the company.

Mayor Ben Newman stated his opinion Sain Construction has been doing a good job and an extension is fair because a misunderstanding occurred in May.

“We cut the request in half,” said Newman. “We considered it calendar days, but he was asking for work weekdays. In essence, we cut his request much further than 10 days. What he requested, we weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on it.”

Brewer stated his original plan was to complete the project by June 20, two months ahead of schedule. 

“I didn’t have a crystal ball to look in and see all the problems that we would have with this job,” said Brewer. “Just because Oct. 15 is going to be in the contract now, if I can deliver this building in September, I will do it.”

Ad Hoc Committee members approved changing the completion date to Oct. 15.