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City surrenders Old Hobson Street
City attorney Tim Pirtle.

McMinnville officials have taken the final step to abandon Old Hobson Street after a several month delay on the process. 

When TDOT redesigned the intersection at Chancery and Hobson streets in 1976 for a widening project, a portion of Hobson Street was cut from the design. That section of street was later developed by James Walling who constructed a gas station/convenience store called Village.

In early 2019, a Walling heir (Kimberly LeeAnn Walling) asked city officials to officially abandon the street. An ordinance doing just that was approved on first read by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on April 9. However, ordinances require two readings.

City attorney Tim Pirtle explained that the second pass before the board was placed on hold pending a civil case in which a second party was claiming interest in the property, but that has been settled. 

“LeeAnn Walling, pursuant to that agreed order among those parties, is now the owner of record of the entire area being abandoned,” said Pirtle, who presented board members with a plat of the property. “It’s going to be recorded so there will be clear evidence going forward of what is being abandoned for right-of-way purposes and what is being retained as it relates to water lines and sanitary sewer lines.” 

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously approved the ordinance to abandon Old Hobson Street.