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City may add to surplus property list
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A list of properties to be deemed surplus by the city of McMinnville could increase as six more parcels fall under consideration.

The city Building and Grounds Committee is set to meet this Monday, July 26 at 2:45 p.m. to discuss “surplus property” on Chestnut Street and Bridge Street.

“These are additional properties that were discovered after the first list was presented,” said Alderman Steve Harvey. “We’ll be meeting to determine if they are needed by the city or should they also be deemed surplus.”

Two pieces of property are located on Chestnut Street and four are on Bridge Street. 

Chestnut is located off Beersheba Highway and connects to Cedar and S. Elm streets. Located there are two lots of 16 acres and 19 acres.

Bridge Street connects to Beersheba Highway just past the Barren Fork River and the bridge named for Spc. Jeremy Lynn Brown. The properties are located across the street from All-O-K’sions Limousine Service. Sizes: 4 acres, 4.01 acres, 5 acres and 6.01 acres.

Committee members met July 13 and after deliberations, unanimously voted to deem six parcels of land as surplus, as well as safe deposit boxes left when Regions Bank relocated. The land is located on Durham Street, S. Riverside Drive, Sunset Point Road, Towles Avenue, the Blue Building property, and an adjoining vacant lot next to it.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen has final approval on the committee’s recommendation. If approved, board members can determine if those items should be retained by the city, gifted to a nonprofit organization, or sold using a competitive bidding process.