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CIty looks to outsource compensation study
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Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

McMinnville officials are looking to outsource a salary survey of its employees. 

When the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets this Tuesday, Aug. 24, at 7 p.m. among the items of business for consideration will be to hire Burris, Thompson & Associates to perform a Compensation and Performance Management Study on the city’s 150 employees. 

The review, if BTA is hired, will cost $31,820.

A compensation survey, said city administration Nolan Ming, will determine if the city offers fair and competitive wages compared to other municipalities, will provide key insights into job roles and their salaries, and determine if the city’s step increase plan is correct, fair and being used properly, among other objectives.

Five bids were received from companies looking to perform the survey for the city, with BTA being the second highest: The Archer Company $22,620, Pontifex $29,125, McGrath Human Resources Group $29,800, BTA $31,820, and Paypoint HR $32,500. 

State law requires officials to go with the “lowest, but best” bid. A higher bid can be accepted over a lower one, as long as justification can be given as to why it is a better bid.

The city Finance Committee met to consider the bids and accepted a recommendation from the city Human Resource director Libby Rutledge to go with BTA.

“I will admit that I did not read this whole thing,” said Alderman Everett Brock of the proposal submitted by BTA. “I’m taking Libby at her word as to what she wants. I sat down with her and talked about why she wanted the one that was slightly more expensive than the other. She said she felt like she got more from it. One of things was that she would get yearly updates, which the other people were not giving.” 

Alderman Zach Sutton says that company is based in Tennessee, “One of the major advantages of BTA is that they are Tennessee based. They have a lot of clients in Tennessee. When you’re looking at a compensation study, it’s nice to have things close to home. I make a motion that we accept the quote from Burris, Thompson & Associates.”

“If they are anywhere near as thorough with the work as they were with the presentation, it will be worth it,” said Alderman Steve Harvey. “It was a fascinating read.”

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will consider the committee’s recommendation to go with Burris, Thompson & Associates on Aug. 24 and determine if a higher bid is indeed best.