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Christmas warmth
Play - Santa, Mrs.jpg
Rosalee expresses concern to Santa and Mrs. Claus that there may not be Christmas due to the evil ways of Jack Frost. The characters are played by, from left, Marianna Boyd, Addyson Swisher, and Greg Medlin. - photo by James Clark

Jack Frost was determined to put the spirit of Christmas in deep freeze Friday night at the Park Theater, with the warmth of the holidays the only defense against his evil heart.

Those were the two forces in opposition as DeKalb Performing Arts Company presented its version of “The Day Before Christmas.”

Elaborate costumes filled the stage while riveting songs echoed through the theater, including a heart-jumping version of the Christmas classic “Hallelujah” that brought cheers from the crowd.

As the songs quieted and the theater emptied, the show’s message continued to reverberate: Where there’s love, there’s home.

Set in the North Pole on Christmas Eve, Jack Frost provides ample villainy in his efforts to paralyze Christmas cheer. Played by Josh Issac, who is also the director, Jack Frost wants to inflict his sorrow on others.

At one point Jack Frost bellows to the captive Suzy Snowflake, “I want her to feel like I’ve felt my whole life – cold and alone.”

But Jack Frost gradually finds common ground with little Rosalee, a girl with whom he shares many life experiences. 

Through conversation, Jack Frost learns that he and Rosalee both ran away from home. And they both had their father leave their family.

Rosalee, played by Addyson Swisher, makes a plea for Jack Frost to relent and allow Christmas to arrive. Santa Claus, played by Greg Medlin, digs into his bag of cajolery too.

“You can’t stop me from ruining Christmas,” Jack Frost declares to Santa.

Santa replies, “I can’t stop you, but you still can’t stop Christmas.”

After more songs deliver harmonious persuasion, Jack Frost begins to shed frozen tears. Santa then delivers the best gift of all to Jack Frost, the gift to give to someone else.

Jack Frost, in turn, gives the gift to Suzy Snowflake, played by Allie Dixon. Says Jack Frost, “I just want you to be happy” as he discovers the spirit of Christmas giving.