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Cave brightened by star
Billy Bob Thornton performs in Warren County
Billy Bob Thornton, who won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay with "Sling Blade," was in Warren County on Sunday.

Despite his fear of tight places, Billy Bob Thornton performed to a packed cave Sunday for Bluegrass Underground.
The American actor, filmmaker, singer, songwriter, and musician informed the crowd that two members of the band, himself included, suffer from claustrophobia, an extreme fear of confined spaces. He said this from a stage 333 feet underground at Cumberland Caverns.
Thornton said his fear is so bad he refuses to ride elevators alone. Once, while staying at a hotel and rooming on the 14th floor, he had no band members to ride up with, a situation he tries to avoid. He waited until other patrons in the hotel got onto the elevator to ride with them.
“It was going well until we got to the 8th floor and they got off the elevator,” said Thornton. “I got off with them. After waiting to see if anyone else came along, I had to carry my luggage up six flights of stairs. As you can imagine, performing in a cave is an experience for us.”
Thornton and his band, the Boxmasters, offered a family-oriented show and performed several original songs. While most songs had a story to go with them, some of the words were changed to shield the young ones in the audience and the effort brought laughter from the adults.
“Kathy Won’t Share” was written by Thornton about a friend he knew growing up in Arkansas, who just couldn’t understand why his wife refused to “barbecue” with other people and only wanted to “barbecue” with him. Eventually, he wanted a divorce and came to Thornton with an indecent proposal.
“His father was Baptist preacher and the only way he could get a divorce is if she ‘barbecued’ with someone else,” Thorton recounts, as the crowd began to laugh. “So he asked me, ‘You like to barbecue.’ ‘Well, yes, I do like to barbecue.’ He then offered me $100 to go over his house and after a little bit, he would show up and catch us ‘barbecuing.’ Now, $100 was a lot of money to me back then. However, I decided against it.”
Opening for Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters was Josh Wanamaker and the Arcade Aquarium. Wanamaker was the 2016 Battle of the Bands winner at Taste of the Underground held at Park Theater. The Bluegrass Underground performance was part of his prize package.
Taking the stage with Wanamaker were band members Mary Richardson, Lucy Haston, Alec Davis and Chuck Haston.