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Candlelight vigil promotes love
Duane Sherrill photo--Pastor Tommy Vann helps Ignite for Progress member Leann Hillis light her candle during the Vigil Against Hate held at the downtown fountain Thursday night. The event, which was attended by about 50 people, was in response to the fatal clashes in Charlottesville, Va., last week.
In light of the events of Charlottesville, Va., this past week that left one dead and many injured, more than 50 people gathered together around the downtown fountain Thursday evening to light a candle in solidarity against hate.“Our county was not affected directly by the tragedy that happened in Charlottesville last Saturday, however we do live in a small, rural Southern town so naturally there are tensions that exist,” said event organizer Ashley Wright of Ignite for Progress Warren County, noting there are noticeable tensions here when it comes to race and sexual orientation.“Intolerance does not stop at race,” Wright said. “I know plenty of friends who didn’t feel comfortable coming out as anything other than straight until they were in college or adulthood, safely away from this town and its prejudices. I’m not saying these things to cause guilt or shame on anyone.