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Business Cheetah 11-12
TriGreen Equipment, a John Deere dealer, has found a spot in McMinnville. The company has leased the old Warren County Tack & Feed building on Sparta Highway, according to property owner David Hill.
For folks who enjoy the convenience of getting the medical care they need right here in McMinnville, I have news that will soothe your skin.A dermatologist has returned to McMinnville.Murfreesboro Derma-tology Clinic, which operated an office here years ago, has returned to its old stomping ground and has opened near its old facility. Current office hours are two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.“As we get more appointments, we’ll be opening more days,” said Kasey Bogard, PA-C, who will be the primary caregiver. “We don’t have a timetable for that, but it could be soon if we continue to get appointments the way we have been.”Kasey says she can handle all your skincare needs.