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Bushel and Peck ready to fill your shipping needs
Beth Blankenship chats with South Carolina visitor Blaze Podgorski on Thursday during the nursery trade show at McMinnville Civic Center.

What a great day is upon us. Fall break has begun. The air has started to chill. And a new Dollar General is on its way up in Newtown. It’s enough to make you smile.
I stopped by the Dollar General job site on Friday and noticed much of the steel work has been done. Infinity Steel out of Smyrna is handling that part of the project and has about a week left to go.
Also on hand were electricians who were busy putting the wiring in place. Rough plumbing has already been complete.
While I wasn’t able to nail down an exact date from the workers on site, the consensus is the store will be open and selling merchandise within a month. One thing I’ve noticed is Dollar General has the hang of store construction. The company can slap up a new store like a bolt of lightning.

Bushel and Peck ready to ship

Susie Kelly is now in the shipping business. She has purchased the mail center at 1110 Sparta Street and renamed it Bushel and a Peck Shipping and More.
If you have an item you want to mail or send via FedEx – no matter how big or how small – Susie can handle the job.
She said some customers bring in their packages ready to send. All they require is postage. Other customers bring in loose items with no box and no packing materials. That’s fine too.
“We provide all levels of customer service,” said Susie. “If you need to buy the boxes from us, we have boxes of all sizes. We can pack it up and send it for you.”
It was noted that McMinnville’s post office doesn’t always offer the best convenience. There are steps to climb, which can be a challenge for older residents, and there can be long lines. Susie says there are no steps to get into her store and plenty of easy parking in front.
Susie grew up in a retail environment so she knows the value of providing friendly customer service. In addition to sending packages, Bushel and a Peck also offers faxes, copying, private P.O. boxes, and gift wrapping.
As for services in the future, Susie says she plans to offer fingerprinting, which was available there for two years, and she also wants to bring back U-Haul rentals.
“People would come from Dunlap and Cookeville to get fingerprinted because we were the only place in this area,” said Susie.
She worked at the store under previous ownership and decided to buy it when former owner Joe Killebrew retired. Her first day as store owner was Monday.
“My whole family has been the cheerleaders behind me supporting me in this decision,” said Susie. “We’re excited about this and hope to make a difference in Warren County.”
Susie is married to Scott Kelly, who is a business owner himself. Scott owns Maintenance Systems, which does mobile repairs on forklifts and diesel engines.
Susie has also been helped in the business by son and daughter-in-law Justin and Hannah Kelly, and son Jared Kelly.
Bushel and a Peck is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone number is 507-4550.

Three cheers for Roger Turner

For those of us who know Roger Turner, we can say he’s a great American. Roger was recently honored by Averitt Express for 30 years of service as a truck driver.
Roger is one of more than 900 active Averitt associates who are members of the company’s Over 20 Team, an exclusive group of associates who have served 20 or more years with Averitt Express, which provides freight transportation to more than 100 countries.
Roger makes regular deliveries to the Standard and I can say he knows how to back a big rig into a tight spot. The Standard is known by truck drivers throughout the South for our nightmarish loading dock, but Roger always backs down without a problem.
Congratulations Roger on 30 years of service.

Nursery show finally returns

It was great to see the annual nursery trade show return to McMinnville on Thursday and Friday after leaving town for supposedly greener pastures in Murfreesboro and Nashville.
But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the hill, so the nursery show made its return after a four-year absence. This was nice to see because Warren County is where the show should be.
It brought hundreds of people to our community from all over the country, either to buy or sell nursery-related gear. If these folks didn’t stay at one of our hotels, they probably, at the very least, bought some gasoline and grabbed a bag of chips on their way out of town. Every little bit helps.
As I mentioned in an article on the front page Friday, there were exhibitors from Michigan, Canada, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, and more. Customers traveled from far and wide too.
It also provided a chance to show off our fine area, which is looking better every day. I noticed Thursday night’s entertainment was held at Cumberland Caverns, which no doubt caught the attention of out-of-town visitors. Perhaps they will return and bring their families.
From top to bottom, having a nursery trade show here is a welcome boost to our local economy. I’m glad to see it return.

Main StreetMcMinnville woes

There’s been trouble at Main Street McMinnville, which has been locked in a power struggle between its board of directors and its two co-directors.
I don’t want to address any of the controversy in this column, but the question has been asked about what exactly is Main Street McMinnville? What does the organization do?
A fitting analogy would be to compare Main Street McMinnville to the job of a mall manager. A mall manager isn’t responsible for the success of any one business in the mall. Rather, he or she is responsible for the overall health of the mall.
Main Street McMinnville works much the same way. It’s responsible for the overall health of our downtown district, which has really made tremendous strides since downtown revitalization was complete more than 10 years ago.
Said Main Street McMinnville secretary Kelly Basham, “Whether it’s an attorney’s office, a dress shop, or a restaurant, we’re here to help downtown.”
It’s hard to remember, but our Main Street once looked awful. There were storefronts boarded up with plywood and the area that’s now called The Lot was once called The Hole and it was a giant, ugly hole right in the middle of downtown.
The organization is also responsible for conducting special events. One that comes to mind considering the season is Trick or Treat on Main where downtown is flooded with costumed children seeking candy.
For those interested in a history lesson, Main Street McMinnville was chartered in 1999. Dan Gray was the first director. Amy Jo Stanford, Chris Wilson, and Carla King were also directors before Paige Chastain and Brook Holmes became co-directors in July 2014.
Main Street McMinnville has a board of directors, of which Dillon Rowland is the president. Dillon assumed his presidential duties Tuesday and he looks ready for the job.
All of this is important because our downtown district is a reflection of our entire community. I heard it said recently that it’s not possible for Warren County to prosper unless the city of McMinnville prospers and I agree with that statement.
So that’s my segment on Main Street McMinnville. It’s my hope it was informative.

That’s all folks

Enjoy fall break and keep business tips in mind if you’re out and about. Call 473-2191 with any news.