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Bus service says safety top priority
We are heartbroken, said Durham CEO David Duke.
With heightened concern for student safety after the bus crash that killed six children in Chattanooga last month, Durham School Services assured the local Board of Education every step is being taken to ensure Warren County students are safe when they step on a bus.“We are heartbroken,” said Durham CEO David Duke in a pre-taped message played for the School Board. It was a Durham bus driven by Johnthony Walker, 24, that crashed and caused the deaths and multiple injuries.Duke said Durham has taken three immediate steps in the wake of the tragedy that will involve its 13,000 drivers and 13,000 vehicles.“We transport 1 million students a day,” Duke said, noting that translates to 6 million journeys in Durham buses each year.The first step, even as elements of the National Transportation Safety Board continue their investigation and rounds of lawsuits continue to be filed against his company by families of children aboard the bus, will be to establish a cloud-based reporting system. Duke said that will help get any concerns about safety immediately before the eyes of safety officers.