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Budget ball in city's court
budget cuts

The tennis court game is still a back-and-forth volley. 

McMinnville officials are considering the removal of $100,000 in funding for complete renovation of the second set of outdoor tennis courts.

Parks and Recreation Department director Scott McCord has a backup plan for if that funding is removed. 

“We will have the top surface removed, all cracks repaired and two coats of surface placed down,” said McCord.

Cost estimate on that work is $15,000. 

“It will be funded from the $20,000 left for the tennis court,” said McCord. “I only gave up $100,000.” 

Officials are currently considering almost $900,000 in cuts to the city’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2019-20, a recommendation by Finance Committee members to the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Without those cuts, the city will end the year on June 30, 2020 with $1.7 million. 

Other proposed changes within the Parks and Recreation budget: 

• $10,000 removed from architect and engineering 

• $1,000 removed from chemical and laboratory supplies

• $25,000 removed for Rocket Park pavilion

• $5,000 added to the Dog Park

A total of $131,000 removed. 

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen has yet to approve those recommended cuts.