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Bring your recycling, get tarp
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If you want to help keep our community’s highways and streets clean, and get a cool freebie in the process, the Warren County litter grant program has you covered.
Local residents are invited to participate in the county’s 12th annual Tarp the Truck event this Thursday, June 16, at the fairgrounds convenience center.
The event, which is funded by a grant from TDOT, begins at 7:30 a.m. and works like this. The first 150 Warren County vehicles with at least one bag of recyclable materials will be provided a free 8x10 foot tarpaulin. According to litter grant coordinator Dennis Baird, the tarp giveaway is part of an effort to reduce litter on Warren County roads.
Baird says folks who carry their trash off in the back of their trucks, without some sort of covering, may inadvertently contribute to the litter problem, or even endanger other drivers, if trash blows out of their truck and onto the road.
The free tarps are designed to prevent that by giving drivers an easy, and effective, way to cover the beds of their trucks.
Baird says recyclable materials include aluminum cans, plastic containers, cardboard, paper or any other recyclable material accepted at the fairgrounds convenience center.
“We want to encourage people to recycle,” said Baird, “and at the same time prevent littering. We think this is a great way to do that.”