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Brady-Hughes-Beasley Archives donates historical photograph
The Brady-Hughes-Beasley Archives at Magness Library has donated a framed, fully restored, archival photograph of The Medical Clinic when it was only one story. The photograph will be hung in the recently restored building. Pictured, from left, are Brad Walker, Pat Bigbee, Carol Caldwell, Rachel Killebrew, Mary Mason, Pastor Harry Green, Fran Dunlap, and Ray Goode.

Remember when The Medical Clinic on Main Street was only one story?
Most people would not, because the building was constructed in late 1938 and the second story was added seven months after completion which makes the window of time brief.
Individuals sorting through the Archive discovered a negative within the Brady-Hughes-Beasley Archives of the building within that timeframe.
According to Magness Library director Brad Walker, the print was made from the restored original Hughes Studio negative and framed. 
“The Archives wanted to honor the recent restoration of this historic building by sharing this unique photograph from the past with them,” said Walker.
It is believed the picture was taken by either Anthia Brady Hughes, who founded Hughes Studio in the late 1890’s, or her daughter Miss Willie Hughes.
When the picture was discovered, Walker sought the help of Dr. Norman Rone to explain why the building was missing its second story.
“Originally the building was a single story,” said Rone. “It was constructed so a second story could be added later if the clinic was a success. I’ve never seen a picture of it when it was one story.”
The photograph is believed to have been taken soon after the construction was complete in 1937, because the front lawn is still dirt in the photograph and the shrubs are very small.
Volunteer Archivist Carol Caldwell has been organizing the more than 70,000 images in the Archives and the effort is a monumental task.
“The images cover more than 100 years of the area’s history,” she said. “Each picture gives a glimpse into everyday life in McMinnville and Warren County. Many of the pictures are like “The Medical Clinic” revealing little known and forgotten parts of the areas’ history.”
As the cataloguing of the vast Archive continues and pictures are discovered, the Archives is planning on offering many restored prints for sale. All the prints are made from fully restored original negatives and printed on archival paper.
Anyone interested in purchasing prints can call Magness Library at 473-2428. All the proceeds from print sales go directly to fund the work of cataloguing, restoring and preserving the Archives.