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Boyd Christian principal to step down
Jessica Akers3.jpg
Boyd Christian principal Jessica Akers enjoys some sunshine with a group of first-graders after announcing she’s stepping down from her position. Pictured, from left, are Anagail Akers, Kendal Rogers, Akers, Aven King and Luke Teply.

Boyd Christian School principal Jessica Akers has announced she will be stepping down at the end of this school year.

After four years in the position, Akers said it’s time for her to help the school in a different way. She and her family plan on remaining at Boyd Christian.

“When I came into the role, it was very obvious that it was the right thing for me and my family,” said Akers. “I feel like now it’s time for another person to take the reins to help the school reach its full potential. I plan on staying here and serving wherever I’m needed.”

When asked what makes Boyd Christian School so special, Akers said it’s the people.

“I think the kids are excellent and the families are invested in Boyd and so supportive,” said Akers. “They really want what’s best for everyone, not just their kids so it’s the families that make up Boyd that make it special.”

Many faculty and staff members expressed their appreciation for Akers, including administrative assistant Jennifer Moore.

“We’ve been together for the past four years so it’s going to be hard losing her and it will be a big adjustment, but I’m thankful she’s staying and she’ll be a part of the school still,” said Moore.

Added chairman Gary Hancock, “Mrs. Akers has served well in a time of need and she’s just changing roles. In her position as principal, she’s been a great role model and coordinator handling all matters whether administrative or simply being there for the students. We look forward to moving forward and hope to fill the position soon.”

Boyd’s Board of Directors is now taking applications from anyone who would be interested in the principal position.  For more information or to submit a resume, email Hancock at