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Bonner running for mayor, alderman
Alderman Jimmy Bonner has declared his candidacy for reelection as a city alderman.

Alderman Jimmy Bonner has declared his candidacy for reelection as a city alderman and has also thrown his hat into the running for mayor.
“After being asked several times to run for mayor, I have decided to run not only for mayor but alderman too,” said Bonner. “If elected for mayor or alderman, I will do the very best job I can do for the citizens of the city of McMinnville.”
Bonner can't hold both positions. If he should be elected as both mayor and an alderman, he would have to pick one.
Bonner has served as an alderman for two terms.
“I have always stood up for the people I serve in my capacity as aldermen,” he said. “As your mayor, I will do the same. Your voices should send a message to the mayor and aldermen. When you voice no to something like drinking and selling alcohol and beer in our parks and at our Park Theater and moving our boundary lines, we should listen. I don’t feel their voices are being heard. We are sending the wrong message to our children in some of the decisions that have been made.”
In his vision statement for the coming years, Bonner said focus should be on infrastructure improvements.
“We need to build up our town,” said Bonner. “We need, among other things, a new police department and a new City Hall. We need to start working on the Civic Center. Those are the things we need to focus on, not if alcohol and beer should be allowed and where. I would like to see things done and done right.”
Bonner has been an advocate for demolition of the Blue Building.
“I still am,” said Bonner. “We’ve done 11 studies that cost in excess of $100,000 on it and the first one told us the same thing all the rest did. Can it be fixed? Yes, but voters told us they didn’t want to spend money on it."
In continuing talk on the Blue Building, Bonner said, "If we renovate it, the cost to city taxpayers will be $3 to $4 million. Is it worth it? No. I’m in favor of removing it and building a new police department and City Hall there. The brick can be used on the new structure which would combine the old and the new.”
The cost, said Bonner, would be the same but the city would have a new building without the problems found in older structures.
“When City Hall moved out in 2008 and the police department moved out in 2009, there were complaints of mold and mildew and animals living in the attic,” he said. “The Blue Building was eventually condemned. It’s time for it to be torn down.”
Bonner says infrastructure improvement also need to include continued focus on sidewalk repair and placement, as well as continued paving of city streets.
“Let’s work together to get McMinnville back to booming again,” Bonner said. “As your representative, I will work hard to get things done. Help me help you. I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 8.”