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Bobby Ray Elementary has new approach to homework
Monti Hillis with books.jpg
Bobby Ray Elementary principal Monti Hillis shows books students are reading as part of the school’s theme of “The Greatest Showman.” Younger students are reading “Clifford at the Circus,” while older students are reading “One and Only Ivan.”

Great things are happening at Bobby Ray Elementary, according to principal Monti Hillis, including a new strategy that de-emphasizes homework.

“We have a new homework policy at Bobby Ray,” said Hillis, who told members of the School Board on Monday that school officials have been examining research from the NEA, or National Education Association.

“What we’ve found shows 10 minutes of homework at the elementary level is the max and many studies say homework at the elementary level doesn’t have any real benefits,” said Hillis.

Hillis said reading is still emphasized for 20 minutes a night, but homework will not be assigned in large quantities, especially for the younger students.

“This idea of un-homework is intriguing,” said School Board member Bill Zechman. “Why didn’t they think of that when I was in school?”

Zechman went on to say he approves of the approach. “I like the idea of Warren County schools doing some experiments and seeing the results.”

Hillis was given the opportunity to address the School Board because it is holding monthly meetings at different schools this year. August’s meeting was held at Bobby Ray on Monday, while September’s meeting is scheduled for Centertown School.

Hillis also reported that with Bobby Ray’s recent renovation project that hallways now connect all of the school’s buildings, with the exception of the gym. She also noted new playground equipment is in the process of being installed and that equipment was purchased through donations.