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Black Friday officially ushers in the Christmas shopping season
Black Friday Photo Contest3.jpg
“I want this one,” said Olivia Kilgore, 2. The tiny tot stopped to pick out the baby she wants during Black Friday shopping at Walmart. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
Black Friday Photo Contest1.jpg
Three-year-old Brantley Sweeton piles up deals on his visit to Shoe Dept. Encore on Black Friday. He said this year he wants a dumptruck. - photo by Bethany Porter

The Walmart Black Friday sale went live on Monday, Nov. 22 with hundreds of deals to browse through. Despite that, shoppers still enjoyed partaking in the sales offered Friday beginning at 5 a.m. 

“It has been hectic, but good,” said McMinnville Walmart manager Tim Fox at noon on Friday. “We had a really big crowd this morning when we opened at 5 a.m. People were waiting to get in. People love Black Friday shopping.”

With massive savings on a huge range of products, and with deals on everything from electronics and TVs to kitchen gadgets and video games, there was a deal available for just about everyone.

A number of the most sought-after deals sold out fast.

When asked to name the one item that was in highest demand, Fox said, “That would probably be the 70-inch television for $398.”

There were still loads of other bargains to be had. But offering sales throughout the week in the Deals for Days promotion reduced the massive number of people crowding into the store on Black Friday itself.

Will Walmart ever return to the traditional Black Friday event?

“I don’t know,” said Fox. “Our theory is that we are trying to thin it out a little bit so you don’t have such a mass group in the store at one time. Deals for Days has been successful in reducing the size of the crowd we have on Friday morning. I’m not sure that’s the way we will continue to do it in the future.” 

Legendary Black Friday horror stories are common. They usually consist of frenzied people willing to fight over items, big or small.

Friday’s large crowd was peaceful, says Fox. 

“Despite the size of the crowd we had in here Friday morning, everyone was smiling and very polite,” said Fox. “Everyone has heard the stories, but everyone here was unbelievably polite and nobody got into it. It went very well.”

Christmas shopping season has officially started and continues with Cyber Monday.