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BFFs turn 102 this year
Gladys Short, left, and Mary Nunley have been best friends for more than 80 years. Short was born July 4, 1914 and Nunley was born April 22, 1914. As is their custom, the two will celebrate their birthdays together this Saturday, June 25. They will be 102 this year.
If life is war, then friends are our allies.Best friends Gladys Smartt Short and Mary Magdalene Johnson Nunley know exactly what that means as they have shared more than 80 years leaning on each other through good times and bad, losses and gains, and have been each other’s strength through friendship.Born in Grundy County, Short was born on July 4, 1914, and will soon turn 102. Mary was born April 22, 1914, and recently turned 102. The two bonded as children and have been best friends ever since.