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Barnes faces federal charges for making pills
Watson 853
Federal prosecutors contend McMinnville resident Dylan Wesley Barnes was producing counterfeit pills similar to these.

A McMinnville man faces 14 years in prison after he was indicted on federal charges for producing and distributing counterfeit prescription medication.

Dylan Wesley Barnes has been hit with two federal charges -- conspiracy to distribute narcotics, and possession of a pill press. His first appearance in federal court in Chattanooga was Monday.

According to the federal grand jury indictment against Barnes, he was distributing alprazolam, a Schedule IV controlled substance. The drug is commonly known under the trade name Xanax and is used as a mood relaxer to relieve anxiety.

The grand jury contends Barnes began possessing and distributing alprazolam in June 2016 and continued until January 2018.

It was on Jan. 9, 2018 when Barnes was reportedly found in possession of equipment to manufacture the pills.

“Dylan Wesley Barnes did knowingly and intentionally possess a punch, die, plate and other things designed to print, imprint and reproduce the trademark, trade name and other identifying mark and imprint of another, and any likeness of any of the foregoing, upon any drug so as to render such drug a counterfeit substance,” the grand jury determined.

The drug making equipment reportedly had a die and plate to stamp tablets with “WATSON 853” with a center score on the other side.