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Animal Control seeking mobile spay, neuter clinic
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With kitten season right around the corner, Warren County Animal Control is looking to get a mobile spay and neuter clinic to visit the area to prevent unwanted litters.

Spring is the beginning of puppy and kitten season, a time when unplanned litters fill shelters.

Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center director Sherri Bradley says now is the time to think prevention by way of spaying and neutering.

“We are trying to get a mobile spay and neuter clinic to come to Warren County,” said Bradley. “There’s one in Murfreesboro and one in Cookeville. We would like to get one here once or twice a month, if possible, to offer low-cost spay and neuter.”

The information was provided to members of the county Health and Safety Committee on Tuesday. Also presented was a report from January and one from 2020.

During January, the facility accepted 30 dogs and 10 cats. Five dogs were returned to their owners, nine dogs and 11 cats were adopted, and 14 dogs and six cats were sent to rescue groups. Also during the month, one cat died while in the care of a veterinarian and four dogs were euthanized due to behavioral issues.

“When you’d walk by, they would try to bite you,” said Bradley. “They were very aggressive.”

At the end of January, the department had 10 dogs and 13 cats. 

“Today’s number was 22 dogs and 17 cats,” said Bradley, a huge increase in about 10 days.

During 2020, the department accepted 617 animals (358 dogs, 259 cats), a number that does not include animals being housed at the facility on Jan. 1, 2020. 

Also during the year, 613 animals were adopted or sent to rescue (386 dogs, 227 cats), and 16 animals died or were euthanized (eight dogs, eight cats).

Puppies and kittens can be born in the spring, summer and well into the fall. For employees and volunteers at animal shelters, spring is the start of puppy and kitten season.