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Animal Control may add card capabilities
WCAC, debit cards.jpg
County Commissioner Robert Hennessee and his wife, Penny, adopted two cats from Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Pictured with the couple is Charlie, who loves attention. Cloe is more standoffish and was not pictured. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

The convenience of swiping a card is under consideration for Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.

“Fortunately, my wife and I had the opportunity to go to the county’s Animal Control center and we adopted two pets,” said Warren County Commissioner Robert Hennessee. “My wife wanted to use a debit card to pay for the adoption, but that wasn’t something they could do. They could accept cash or checks. That’s kind of behind the times.”

The information was presented to members of the county Health and Welfare Committee.

“Generally speaking, most people these days either use a debit or a credit card,” Hennessee added. “It would be a huge convenience to have that capability and perhaps we’ve lost some revenue from that and foremost, the adoption of animals. I don’t think it would be a difficult task to get a debit or credit card application at the control center.” 

Health and Welfare Committee members agree – unanimously voting to pursue the endeavor. 

While at the center, Hennessee examined a long-standing issue with storm water drainage making its way into the building. 

“There are some things we can’t control,” said Hennessee. “One of those is that the building was constructed on a slab of concrete and unfortunately, on one of the lowest spots on that whole site. When you have a low spot, all the water just channels down there to it. My understanding is the new building will be an adaptation to the existing building. If we built another slab building, like what’s there now, that problem is not going to go away. Drainage is going to be vital.”

Superior Walls owner Stacey Harvey offered to expand the facility by constructing an addition where the catio currently stands. The project, slated to begin in 2020, was postponed after a disagreement between Harvey and County Executive Jimmy Haley. 

“I’ve spoken to Mr. Harvey and unfortunately, the expansion will not happen this year,” said Commissioner Blaine Wilcher, chair of the committee. “He had to move onto some other nonprofit organizations he wanted to help. We are still looking at a possible expansion. Mr. Harvey has been gracious enough to allow us time to work through these issues.”

Hennessee offered the assistance of the county Building and Grounds Committee, of which he is a member, in addressing the drainage issue. 

Health and Welfare Committee members agree – unanimously voting to forward the drainage issue onto Building and Grounds Committee members so they could consider what preventive measures can be taken. 

The meeting was held online via Zoom.