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Animal Control helping flooded shelter
Animal Control building.jpg
Animal Control & Adoption Center

Warren County’s local Animal Control is showing exactly what it means to be a part of the Volunteer State.

A bountiful kitten and puppy season has proven to be a burden across Tennessee, but Saturday’s flooding conditions made a bad situation much worse for Humphreys County Humane Society. The shelter is now overflowing as it takes in lost and displaced pets due to the record rainfall. 

Currently, the shelter lacks even working water and is scrambling to obtain bottled water to provide the animals in their care with clean and safe water while the county begins to recover from the devastation.

Sherri Bradley, director of Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center, took initiative when she saw a fellow advocate for animals struggling. 

“Jimmy Haley reached out to me to get things rolling for Humphreys County. He has always advocated for the shelter,” said Bradley. “We all wanted to help and I know Warren County has a big heart and willingness to help those in need.”

The local shelter is currently collecting donations of items from the public that will be taken directly to Humphreys County Humane Society this Sunday. Bradley encourages those donating to bring items rather than money, but money can be left at the Trustee’s Office for those who wish to help financially.

Items needed most at this time are gallons of water, cleaning supplies, pet food, collars and leashes, cat litter and most general pet care items. These can all be taken to the administration building or directly to Animal Control.

Humphreys County’s shelter has wish lists on both and Amazon, as well as an ongoing fundraiser, all of which can be found by navigating to its Facebook page. Its team is working tirelessly around the clock to help as many animals in need as it can. 

Officials express profound gratitude for the outpouring of love from all across the country looking to help the nonprofit get back on its paws. “This community has been hit hard,” said Janette Gordon on the shelter’s fundraiser page. “We appreciate the support from all over the country to keep the doors open and medical needs fulfilled!”