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3rd District County Commission - KASEY OWENS
Kasey Owens.png

By Chris Simones

Kasey Owens recently announced she is seeking election to the Warren County Commission representing the 3rd District in the August election. Her opponent for the seat is Bill Martin.

Owens stated that economic uncertainty resulting from the pandemic is the biggest issue facing the 3rd District and Warren County.

“I believe the unknown economic impact from the current crisis we are facing is the biggest issue at the moment,” Owens said. “Now is the time for us to rally together to get through this unprecedented time and look for a brighter future.”

“Until then, our local government should focus on the things that can help our citizens during this tough time,” said Owens.

Owens cited a desire to fulfill her civic duty as her primary motivation for seeking a seat on the Warren County Commission.

“I believe it is time for my generation to step up and get involved with our local government. Most of the people from my generation that currently live here decided to stay in our hometown after graduating high school,” Owens said. “We stayed here because we love Warren County and want to see it succeed.”

“My parents’ and grandparents’ generations have done a tremendous job ensuring Warren County kept the small-town charm,” added Owens. “I decided it was time for me to get involved and do my part as so many generations have before me.”

Owens teaches criminal justice courses at Motlow and TSU. She also works in the accounts department at Freedom Express in Morrison.

Owens is a 2007 graduate of Warren County High School. She received an associate degree from Motlow in 2012, a bachelor’s degree from TSU in 2013, and a master’s of criminal justice degree from MTSU in 2017.

Owens is a lifelong Warren County resident. She has lived in the 3rd District for the last four years with her Labradane named Jake.