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3rd District County Commission Candidate - BILL MARTIN
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By Chris Simones

Bill Martin recently announced he is seeking election to the Warren County Commission representing the 3rd District in the August election. His opponent is Kasey Owens.

Martin said economic fallout from the pandemic is the most important issue facing the 3rd District and the county right now.

“The response to COVID is having a huge economic impact on small businesses, on laid off workers, and nearly everyone in the county,” Martin said. “Government revenues and spending have been impacted significantly at every level, from Washington on down to the local level. The next two years are going to require some difficult strategic decisions to be made to maintain or improve the quality of essential services while avoiding undue hardship to the taxpayers,” said Martin.

Martin cited government’s willingness to spend freely as his primary reason for seeking election.

“One of the biggest bills any of us pays is our tax bill. For those who have been laid off, or who are on a fixed income, or who work hard to try to make ends meet or to make their business grow, every dollar of that tax bill is important,” Martin said. “Yet, at every level of government, all the way to Washington, it can seem that politicians take those dollars for granted.”

“They seem to spend as if there is a limitless supply of money,” Martin added. “I believe people have a right to know that their tax money is spent responsibly and spent in a way that makes a positive difference in our community.”

Martin is a lawyer and has served as vice president and general counsel of Bouldin Corporation since 2008.

Martin is a 1978 graduate of Okmulgee High School in Oklahoma. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Oklahoma State University in 1982, his Juris Doctor Law degree from the University of Tulsa in 1984, and a Masters of Divinity with Biblical Languages from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth in 1996.

Martin and his wife Marilyn have lived in Warren County for 14 years and have lived in the 3rd District for 12 years.