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Local Dietitian to offer free guided grocery tours
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What’s the difference between trans fat, saturated fat and calories from fat?
What’s the deal with protein? Is all fat bad?
Nutrition labels found on many grocery items are sometimes misleading and often confusing for the average consumer. Are you confused about what’s healthy and what’s just good marketing?
Local shoppers will have a chance to ask those and many other questions this Tuesday during the upcoming Grocery Store Tours. It’s part of the 28-Day Challenge sponsored by the Diabetes Center at River Park Hospital, McMinnville Parks and Recreation, and the McMinnville-Warren County ACHIEVE Initiative. Interested individuals may choose between two tours – 9 a.m. at Kroger at the Three Star Mall, or 2 p.m. at Save-A-Lot at Northgate Shopping Center.
Registered dietitian Brandy Cox will offer a free, interactive, informational tour at the two grocery stores. During the tours she will provide a health-focused guide to grocery shopping – including how to understand food labeling, how to read nutritional facts, and how to make healthier, more cost-effective choices.
 “It isn’t always easy to make the best nutritional choices because junk food often looks and tastes so good. Add to that confusing and misleading nutritional labels, shelf placement, and advertising and you can easily get off track when trying to shop healthy,” says Cox. “This is a great opportunity for those who care about their health to learn how to make better food choices. We’re thankful to Kroger and Save-A-Lot for allowing us to hold this event at their stores.”
The tour is free and open to the public, but registration is recommended. To register or to get more information, call 815-4554.
It is recommended that attendees bring a notebook, pen and possibly a camera phone to remember star products to shop for later.