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KFC employee claims assault
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KFC may do chicken right, but one employee there says she was done wrong by her supervisor who assaulted her for not smiling at customers.
Debbie Hunter of Hendersonville, area supervisor for Kentucky Fried Chicken, has been charged with assault by one of her employees. She is due to appear in General Sessions Court on Sept. 2.
According to the warrant filed against her by the victim’s mother, Hunter became irritated at the girl because she did not feel she was being friendly enough to customers.
“I’m going to need you to smile and be friendly to your customers,” the supervisor allegedly said to her young employee as she grabbed the girl by the face and pulled her head around.
The victim said she overheard Hunter tell a co-worker that she would see to it that she smiled at customers.
“If this young lady doesn’t start greeting her customers and smiling, I’m going to ring her jaw,” the victim overheard Hunter threaten, according to her sworn warrant.
The physical confrontation along with the threat she allegedly overheard, the victim claims, makes her feel KFC is an unsafe work environment.
“She is afraid to return to work at KFC where Ms. Hunter is the area supervisor,” the victim’s mother said.