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Kenneth Rogers says county not following proper procedure
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County Commissioner and former County Executive Kenneth Rogers asked members of the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee why the Warren County Commission is not properly following Robert’s Rules of Order during meetings.
“The Health and Welfare Committee fired David Hennessee from Animal Control, hired a girl who worked six months, and now they’ve hired two more people and none of them ever came before the full court,” said Rogers. “When I was county executive, anyone hired or fired had to be ratified before the full court. Committees who interview do not have the power to hire or fire without ratification of the full court.”
Commissioner Charles Morgan said, “The full court did not vote on codes enforcer Jason Simmons. I may be wrong, but we were just told he was hired and basically we said OK kind of like a formality.”
“We also have committees approving reports that have never come before the full court. This has been going on for two years,” Rogers said. “Also we don’t have reports being given to the full court. We have not in two years received an Animal Control report. Every committee makes a report of their committee meeting. Committee chairs will stand up and say they have nothing to report. When they have nothing to report, something is not right. Why are we having all these meetings if we don’t have anything to say about them?”
“While I’m on this,” Rogers continued, “how can the Health and Welfare Committee add to policies? They put another duty on Animal Control to pick up dead animals on the side of the road. That was not in the duties we voted on in full court.”
“It’s going to bite us if we are not having rules to go by,” said Rogers.
Committee chairman Ken Martin said he thought commissioners were abiding by the rules. He said he will meet with county attorney Rick Stacy and find out if commissioners are going by Robert’s Rules of Order.