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Judicial Commissioner resigns
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Switching to a standard shift schedule has cost the county one judicial commissioner. Dawn Cantrell has resigned effective Jan. 30.
“I’m sad Dawn resigned,” said Commissioner Ken Martin. “She was a good commissioner. I told you I thought we would lose one or two when we went to shifts. I still hate it though.”
The letter of resignation was presented during a county Policy and Personnel Committee meeting Monday. In attendance with Martin were commissioners Carlene Brown, Wayne Copeland, Charles Morgan and Tommy Savage.
Martin read the letter in which Cantrell expressed disappointment in having to resign because she could not take one of the shifts.
“I regret I must submit my resignation,” said Cantrell. “I do not want to resign my position. I have enjoyed my job and believe I have done a good job. For nearly four years, I have been a judicial commissioner. I feel I was given no choice in the matter and I am saddened the committee, nor the chair, could see fit to meet with us and discuss this situation.”
In January, committee members unanimously agreed to go with shifts and assign judicial commissioners to them in an effort to reduce confusion.
Martin says some of the judicial commissioners took offense to some of the things he said during the January meeting and he would like to apologize to any who did.
“I think a couple of them, after they viewed the meeting, were offended by some of the things I said,” said Martin. “It was never my intent to offend any of them. If any of them were, I apologize to them. I think we did the right thing and we need to continue on with it. It’s working great right now. I think we need to leave it like it is. That’s my personal opinion. We have some great judicial commissioners and I’ve said that several times. They are dedicated and work hard.”
Judicial commissioner David Williams, who was in attendance, said the remaining judicial commissioners are happy with the change.
“Everybody seems to be happy with it,” said Williams, who works second shift Monday through Friday. “I know 911 is extremely happy too. They know who’s supposed to be on the shift and that removes the confusion they were having on whom to call.”
The resignation of Cantrell will be sent to the full Warren County Commission on Feb. 22 for its consideration.